About Drew


Drew Rozell is a social psychologist with a Ph.D. from Syracuse University. He intended to be a college professor, but one evening in 1996, while taking a break from writing his dissertation, he read a half-page article in Newsweek magazine about a new profession called "life coaching" and immediately recognized that to be his path. 

To date, he's coached over 3200 clients across 17 countries to create more freedom, ease, and connection in their lives.

A lifelong practitioner, his formal study of the law of attraction began in 1999, when two different clients sent him the same cassette tape from Abraham-Hicks in the same week. He's been a student and teacher ever since, with a knack for distilling complex ideas into their most simple and practical elements.

After working with clients for over a decade and witnessing the common issues they brought to the table, he wrote his first book, The Very Cool Life Code, as a blueprint for living well and it became a #1 bestseller on Amazon

Let It Go and Decide soon followed, and are equally well-loved by longtime fans and new readers alike.

A lover of well-written literature and stories, Drew shifted gears and recently wrote published wrote his first fiction book in 2024. 

Be sure to check out his "personal development novel," The Life Coach: The Art of Appreciation, out now. 

Drew lives with his wife and two children in a scenic rural county in upstate New York,¬†very near¬†the border of Vermont. He loves being outdoors ‚ÄĒ especially hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing.¬†