Have you read one (or more) of my books?

Did something click for you?

I certainly hope so — that's why I write them.

While I try to convey simple, powerful concepts in my writing, they are just that — concepts.

If you really want to experience the kinds of positive changes that allow your life to feel more free, full of ease, and connected, that usually requires that you adopt some new habits and practices into your life.

So I'm available for personal coaching to help you deliberately create the life that feels best to you — it's been my career for the past 27 years, and I've worked with about 3000 people to date. 

I'd love to connect with you. 


If you're looking for a personalized, private, transformational experience, I offer private one-on-one coaching programs.


I work with clients in 8-week "intensive" blocks.

This means we connect via Zoom/phone 2x a week, one session at the beginning of the week for around 45 minutes with a check-in later in the week, for about 15 minutes.

I have lots of tools in my bag that I use when appropriate, and there are a few practices I want you to engage in. 

But there's no "10-step" program.

I've been doing this for 27 years now, so when I decide to take someone on, I

1) know I can help you,


2) know what you need.

If after our initial session, I'm not 100% certain I can help you, I won't offer you anything. Likewise, if you don't resonate with me, you can hang up mid-session and I'll be fine with it :)

As "coachy" as it sounds, this work is really an intuitive process, an art that is based on mutual connection. 

Coaching people on their lives is always an enjoyable process for me because it's what I am built to do, and because I only work with the right people.

These days, all my clients will say working with me was a wise investment, but the only way to know if I'm right for you is to book a call and feel it out.  


For coaching to pay real dividends, you have to trust that I am the exact right person to help you and you and be willing to go "all in" on yourself.

There's nothing magic I can do... meaning all my clients get exactly what they put into the process.

For coaching to work as intended, you have to be ready to take the leap of showing up to your life as a better version of your current self. 

That's the real decision here. 

The good news is that there is zero downside to making this decision. Zero. Zippo. It's 100% upside and a really smart thing to do. 

But it's still a leap.


If we get to a call and I know in my core I can help you, I'll share the price for the 8-week intensive.

And no, I don't do one-off sessions unless we've worked together before, because I'm in the evolution business and that takes time and practice. 

When people tell me coaching is expensive, I like to counter with, "You know what's really expensive?"

* Being in the wrong relationship/divorce/being lonely

* Not liking what you do for work

* Trudging through life with little fun

* Constantly working and being over-busy, thinking there's some magical payoff down the line

* Feeling sluggish in your body

* Fearing uncertainty/constantly worrying about shit

* Getting older and having the nagging doubt that you didn't take your shot at your dream.

You get the idea. 

But those sort of things? Those are expensive. The right coach is a no-brainer bargain. 

An investment in coaching should pay off like compound interest and for a lifetime. Some people understand that math, some don't.

But I have many clients I am still connected to who tell me how our work 10 or 20 years ago changed the trajectory of their lives (and I am very proud of that). 

To ensure a healthy ROI, here's what I ask of all my clients...

I ask you to DECIDE (see my book of the same name) that this investment will be one of the best that you've ever made (despite whatever I do) before we even start.

When you can make that decision for yourself, 1) it happens, and 2) it's a wonderful experience for us both, because I go "all in" as a committed partner with anyone I work with.

I will be a champion for your desires.

Hope this gives you a feel...

If it feels better to do so, book a time to connect with me. 

By the end of the call it will be 100% clear whether we're a mutual fit. 

As long as you're on time and you're not clueless who I am or why you booked the call, we will part as friends whether or not we proceed to coaching. 

I'd love to meet you and hear your story, because this is what I do.

I encourage you to book a time on my calendar link below.