The Full Enchilada

The Full Enchilada

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INCLUDES ALL THREE books in the Very Cool Life Series 


...AND THE ALL VERY COOL LIFE COURSES (descriptions below)

Book 1:

THE VERY COOL LIFE CODE: The 7 Keys to Unlocking a Life of Freedom, Ease, and Connection

It’s a very cool thing when you realize that you still possess the ability to surprise yourself.

If you’re ready to remember how good your life can really feel, this practical and highly entertaining two-time #1 bestseller is waiting for you —The Very Cool Life Code.

Over a 12-year period, social psychologist-turned life coach Drew Rozell, Ph.D. worked with over 1300 coaching clients to integrate the principles of the law of attraction.

He discovered that a select few (15-20%) were able to create true magic in their lives, and so he studied the beliefs, habits, and actions that set them apart from the rest.

Patterns emerged, allowing him to identify the seven essential building blocks for becoming a magnet for your desires.

By weaving together the principles of psychology and the law of attraction, The Code distills complex concepts into an easy-to-follow blueprint that will enable you to break free of the norm and begin attracting more of what you truly desire (and less of what you don’t).

Written straight-to-the-point and in an easy-to-read style, The Code is full of practical examples, real-life stories, and “ah-ha” moments.

In This Book, You’ll Discover:

The 7 Keys of UPGRADE to Unlock a Life of Freedom, Ease, and Connection

U. - Universal Law is Always At Work - Learn the Metaphysics of The Law Of Attraction

P. - Practice Radical Responsibility - The one “make-or-break” decision you must make

G. - Go Inward First - Learn how to identify, trust, and follow your inner GPS system

R. - Routines Determine Results - How to adopt the mindset that wins

A. - Act From Alignment - How to identify the perfect path for you

D. - Decide to Act “As If” - How to become an irresistible match for your desires

E. - Elevate Your Environments - Identify the people, places, and things that allow you to thrive


Let It Go: Manifest What You Really Want By Giving Up and Allowing


You cannot suffer your way to ease.

You cannot sacrifice your way to freedom.

You cannot stress your way to abundance.

The key to leveraging the law of attraction and having what you want — anything that you want — is your willingness to let that thing go.

This is a simple idea, but because it runs counterintuitive to everything you’ve been taught, it’s also the #1 reason most people struggle to bring their dreams into their reality and doubt whether “this law of attraction stuff really works.”

Let It Go: Manifest What You Really Want By Giving Up and Allowing changes all of that.

Written in a series of 21 essays full of practical, real-world examples, this book turns the ethereal concept of letting go into a simple, grounded, strategy that you can apply to every area of your life — including money, relationships, career, and health.

In This Book, You’ll Discover:

  • The Metaphysics of how Letting Go Really Works

  • The #1 Law of Attraction myth that keeps most people stuck

  • What letting go really feels like

  • How to drop your resistance in any situation

  • The awesome power of thinking “bad thoughts”

  • Why you need to let go of trying to control HOW your desires come to you (and what to do instead)

  • The critical distinction of trusting what you feel instead of what you think

  • How to get out of your own way, once and for all

  • And much more!

Book 3:

DECIDE: Activate Your Inner Superpower to Make Very Cool Sh*t Happen

“So, where’s my stuff?”

That’s the #1 question most people have regarding law of attraction.

Sure, you believe your thoughts create your reality.

So why does it still feel like your biggest desires are taunting you by remaining outside your grasp?

In Decide: Activate Your Inner Superpower to Make Very Cool Sh*t Happen, social psychologist Drew Rozell, Ph.D. shows you exactly how to direct your thoughts with laser-like precision, so you can deliberately create the real-world outcomes you want most.

Decide’s power lies in its unique ability to make the science of attraction simple to understand, easy to apply, and fun to learn.

Theory and philosophy are nice — but real-world examples, practical steps, and inspiring true stories set Decide apart.

The inspiration for the book comes from the author’s experience of manifesting the most beautiful piece of land he’d ever laid eyes on, even though this dream appeared to be “beyond reason.”

Using the inspiring story to illustrate the key concepts, this book will show you how to decide your way to draw any desire you have into your reality, no matter your current circumstances or what you’ve tried before.

In This Book, You’ll Discover:

  • The metaphysics behind the power of deciding why it’s essential for leveraging the Law of Attraction

  • Why everything you have ever manifested is a perfect reflection of your decisions

  • The one simple trick that will allow you to tap into your forgotten superpower immediately

  • How to stop sending “mixed signals” and break the cycle of attracting the same unwanted people and situations over and over

  • The simple 3-step process to follow so can bring any “unreasonable” dream you have into reality (e.g., money, relationships, career, well-being)

  • Highly practical examples and stories that will show you how to shift your thinking patterns to align with your desires

375 Pages

Physical Book Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches
7.5 Hour Audiobook
375 Pages



The Perfect Companion to The Very Cool Life Code!

In The Very Cool Life Mastery Course, Drew Rozell, Ph.D. leads you through a deep-dive of each of the seven UPGRADE keys so you can activate new levels of freedom, ease, and connection.

Over 7 hours of audio coaching to guide you to unlock new levels of freedom, ease, and connection.

Full of practical exercises, real-word examples, and fun stories to help you live into the next version of your life. 

Listen and learn while you walk, drive, or workout.

Recording Length 7+ hours


Dreams come true. 

But first, you need to clarify what your dream is. 

You don’t need every detail.

Just the broad strokes will do.

Sculpt a vision. 

Decide you will have what you want by cutting off all the other possibilities that you’re currently entertaining.

Align with the feeling of having that desire in your reality now. 

And finally, get out of the way.

That’s it.

That’s the simple process of deciding your way to whatever dream you have.

If it sounds too good to be true, I get it.

And while it is simple, the quickest way to activate this superpower is to practice.

This is exactly why the Decide Mastery Course will help you with, step by step 

Through the six lessons (and over 5 hours of recordings), the audio course walks you through all the nuances of law of attraction, so you can decide, align, and allow yourself to your "unreasonable dream"

You can listen over and over, and can learn while your on the go right from your phone.

Recording Length 5+ hours



What’s the #1 skill you can develop to leverage the law of attraction?

It’s the skill of deliberately directing your thoughts in alignment with your desires.

Understanding the law of attraction is not enough.

You must get in the habit of thinking thoughts that feel better.

This is precisely what The Very Cool Day Program is designed to do!

The program contains all the specific prompts, materials, and guidance you’ll need to upgrade your thoughts in just 30 days.

Through a series of simple and fun daily exercises, Very Cool Day aligns your thoughts with your desires in as little as 15 minutes a day.

How it works:

The Very Cool Day Program comprises seven simple and fun exercises to focus your thoughts, starting when you awake.

Remember, when you consistently direct your thoughts to places that feel better, you will feel better.

When you feel better, you allow your desires to flow to you.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

The Very Cool Day Program raises your vibration, starting when you wake up, and guides you throughout the day until your head hits the pillow, so you can hone the most important skill to being a deliberate creator of your reality

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take every day?

At the maximum, allow yourself 15 minutes in the morning, a 5-minute check-in at midday, and a few minutes as your lying in bed for the night.

How long is the program?

The program is designed for 30 days.
You can repeat it as many times as you wish. 

Do I need to do it every day?

No. If you miss a day here and there, that’s fine. We’re aiming for consistency, not perfection.

How do I choose which exercise to do?

This depends on how you feel.

Some exercises are designed for when you feel good, and some are designed for when you’re not feeling good and want to feel better.

All exercises are labeled to guide you.

Are there clear instructions?

Absolutely. The program is very easy to follow and comes with audio instructions for every exercise.

Does it really work?

Yes. Do it for 30 days and see for yourself.

Upgrade your thoughts and you will upgrade your life.

Get the "Full Enchilada" and you get it all at a fraction of the normal price!

Note: Book contains some adult language

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I am half-way through your book The Very Cool Life Code. It is terrific and exactly what I needed to hear right now. I will be putting everything into practice from now on!

Burlington, VT

I finished this today and I absolutely love it! I will be purchasing your other books. Thank you!

Omaha, NB

This book literally changed my life. On a molecular level. As a result of reading your book and applying the simple but amazing steps, I'm different, in the best way. 

Tucson, AZ

I've listened to this audio book twice and on the second round I kept pausing to write down the UPGRADE keys. Applying these principles has caused a huge leap in my personal development. I look forward to reviewing more of your insights.

Granbury, TX

Best book to listen to! I've listened 3x so far and pick something new up every time. I feel like Drew was in my mind!

Montreal, QC

I listened to the audio, twice and it’s really good. Even if you know this stuff, it’s really important to be reminded, and put it into practice. My daughter loved it too, great to get the young ones off to a positive start!


I bought Let It Go, read it and then bought the Decide and The Very Cool life Code. Fabulous! I've studied the LoA a LOT over the years, These are the first books I've read to cut through the fluff and unnecessary complications most of them promote.

Bath, UK

Fantastic book Drew, life-changing experience, thank you very much!

Mankato, MN

This is a fantastic book! It’s not going to give you a miracle, but slap you in the face with what you already know to be true. Thank you Drew.

Ft Myers, FL

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